Election Day

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Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics

So, it’s Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. Election day.

The world has been waiting for this day for months now. It’s finally here. My family and I had just finished dinner, and were now anxiously waiting for the results to come pouring in.

The first set of results for I think about 10 states had Trump leading. And not a small neck-to-neck lead. Like, a commanding lead. We couldn’t believe what was happening, even though it had just started. We had chosen CNN as our TV station for the night. We quickly liked the station for their ‘key race alerts’ and ‘CNN prediction’ segments. `

Back to the results. Trump had leads in all of the polls. Clinton’s team at their election party was probably freaking out. Actually, they were probably losing their minds. Then the battleground states started having the votes roll in. A battleground state, also called a swing-state, was a state in which nobody knew who would win. Most states even before the election, most experts, the media, the candidates, and so on, knew who was going to win. Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania were the big ones. Back and forth, back and forth, for hours. Clinton leading. Trump leading. Back to Clinton. Back to Trump. It was getting absolutely wild. The Southeast U.S.A. was also going back and forth.

I’m glad I was witnessing all of this live. See it all unravel. The Leafs were getting killed by the Los Angeles Kings. It got to the point where I wasn’t even checking on the score anymore because it was so bad. The election results show was way more entertaining, and that is saying a lot from a die hard Leafs fan.

Now, back to the results. CNN had announced the winner for about half of the states. Florida was Trump for the majority of the night. Clinton took over and started pulling away. Trump took it back. ‘CNN prediction’ time came and Trump won Florida. We were shocked. I was howling with laughter. I’m saying to my family, “This is amazing.”

Ohio was a close one too. Same as Florida. Back and forth all night. Then all of a sudden, the guy working for CNN named Wolf say, “We predict Trump to win Ohio.” I couldn’t believe it. Not as important or as big as the Florida win, but still. I was laughing hysterically. I said, “This is actually happening.”

Pennsylvania was thought to be Clinton’s state. She held the lead all night. ALL NIGHT. Trump was getting close, but everyone in my house thought it was going to Clinton. Wolf announces another ‘key race alert’ for the state. The results show. I start screaming, jumping up and down, “AND HERE COMES TRUMP. HE TAKES THE LEAD. HE’S RUNNING AWAY WITH PENNSYLVANIA.” A few minutes later, Trumps seals the deal and wins the state.

It’s now 12:30 p.m. The results were running late. I grew restless. I had to go to bed now in order to get some sleep before school tomorrow. I asked my brother to text me with updates and the results. I do not know how I was going to pass out. My adrenaline was PUMPING. The final results were so close.

I woke up to this message, “Donald Trump is the new President.” I laughed as I read this, and knew that school would be very interesting that day.


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