Survivor Series, Part 2: The Main Event

It’s now 10:30 p.m. The moment that over 17,000 in attendance have been waiting for. The moment that millions around the globe have been waiting for. It’s time. Brock Lesnar’s entrance music plays. The crowd erupts. Brock walks down the ramp, and goes inside the ring. He awaits his opponent.

It goes quiet for a few seconds. The entire ACC was on their feet. I had goosebumps. I’m thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe this is happening in Toronto. I can’t believe I’m actually here to see this live.” The crowd starts chanting. “GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLDBEEEEERRRRRRG, GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLDBEEEEERRRRRRG, GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLDBEEEEERRRRRRG.” It gets louder. The energy in the arena is contagious, and it keeps getting louder.

Goldberg’s theme song starts.

Courtesy: WWE’s channel on YouTube

Chills are going through my body. I was nervous. I was excited. I was shaking with both emotions. The crowd goes absolutely insane. I thought the roof was going to blow off. You could feel the building shaking. It was so cool. Everyone keeps chanting, “GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLDBEEEEERRRRRRG.” Everyone turns their attention to the JumboTron. The camera is focused on Goldberg as he walks from the backstage. The crowd continues to chant. Sparklers start going off. Goldberg appears from behind the curtain. The crowd cheers. He’s FINALLY here. The sparklers finish, and four fireworks go off. They are LOUD! He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

The referee rings the bell. HERE WE GO. Lesnar quickly runs to Goldberg, picks him up, and throws him into the corner. Goldberg shakes it off, and shoves Lesnar to the ground. When he finally gets up, SPEAR! OH MY GOD. No one saw that coming so early. Lesnar is clearly hurt, and finally gets up again. SPEAR! What is happening?!? Goldberg picks him up, and does his other finishing move, and does the Jackhammer. He pins Lesnar. The crowd chants as the referee’s hand hits the mat to count the pin fall. ONE. TWO. THREE! IT’S OVER! The crowd is absolutely stunned. No one was expecting that. The crowd goes wild in excitement. My hands are top of my head. Jaw dropped to the floor. This lasts for a good five minutes. I couldn’t believe I just witnessed that. I was so happy that he won. Goldberg celebrates his victory with the crowd.

The show is now over. Time to go home. The entire world still in shock. Fantasy just became reality.

Goldberg stands on the ring apron after his quick win over Lesnar

Goldberg stands on the ring apron after his quick win over Lesnar.


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