T.I. – The King of the South

Friday, January 27, 2017

Before I was a huge country music fan, I was into punk rock, alternative rock, hard rock, and more importantly, rap music. I grew up with rock because of hockey video games, my friends, and just from playing hockey. But, being from Brampton, rap music is extremely popular amongst the majority of the population under 30.

Tickets went on sale to go see a rap concert at The Ranch Concert Hall in Barrie, Ontario; which is strange because it’s a country music bar. T.I., also known as TIP, is an Atlanta, Georgia based rapper, nicknamed the King of the South, was the performer. He was really big when I was a teenager, so it was kind of nostalgic for me, even though he is still somewhat relevant to this day. My girlfriend and I bought tickets relatively quick.

The Ranch was packed for the show. On that note, I witnessed more fights that night  than I’ve seen in my entire life combined. It’s amazing how everyone gets beer muscles and angry when they drink and can’t control their alcohol; it definitely ruined some aspects of enjoying the show.

The opening acts were mediocre and took way too long. When T.I. came on the stage, the crowd went wild. Everyone was fired up. He performed all of his big hits like, ‘No Mediocre,’ ‘Live Your Life,’ ‘Bring Em Out,’ ‘Whatever You Like,’ ‘What You Know About That,’ ‘King,’ ‘Top Back,’ ‘About The Money,’ and more.

He put on a really good show. So energetic, interacting with the crowd, dancing. If you like T.I., I would definitely recommend seeing him live. Great performance.

Source: YouTube


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