Vegas, Day 3: The Day on the Strip

Our third day in the city was primarily meant for touring the Strip and seeing everything it had to offer. The hotel that we were staying at was located in the middle of the main part of the Strip, and all of the main attractions were south of us, so that’s where we headed. We decided to check out the MGM Grand Hotel because we were interested in possibly going to see a DJ there that night.

On our way, we walked by Planet Hollywood where we saw the concert, and there were these four street dancers forming a crowd. They were funny, athletic, it was a good little show. They even pulled me out of the crowd to get me involved in the show. They didn’t end up using me, but they were jumping and doing flips over people that were standing straight up! After the little show and MGM Grand walk around, we decided to go across the street to check out New York, New York.

Now, in Vegas, to cross the streets of the major intersections, you don’t cross at a crosswalk. You go up an escalator or a staircase and walk across a bridge in lieu of a crosswalk – allows cars to flow better and no pedestrians get hit.

We head north on the Strip to go gamble at the Bellagio hotel and see their Fountains. On our walk, we see the new hockey arena out of the corner of our eyes. We change our path, and head towards the arena. Something we noticed, along with other parts of the Strip, there are ping pong tables, big Jenga blocks, corn hole (bean bag toss), and other games just lying around for people to enjoy – not locked up or anything. So, we take our pictures of T-Mobile Arena (I can’t wait to see the Leafs play there), and we go in front of the Bellagio to wait for the Fountain show. It’s pitch black out, so the show is going to look really cool. The Fountains of Bellagio looked high when we were at the Paris hotel at the top of the half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, but they looked so much bigger from the sidewalk. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Source: YouTube

After the show, the last main thing we did was gamble at Bellagio. Needless to say, my budget for gambling for the week was gone in about five or six hands at the blackjack table. I’ll probably never gamble there again because of the high minimum bets, but at least I can say I gambled at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Now that’s cool. Day three: complete.

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