Draft Day

I became a Toronto Blue Jays season ticket holder before the 2016 season with my four roommates from university. The five of us got a pair of tickets in the 500 level (upper bowl) directly behind home plate. The view is incredible (see below – we got our same season seats for the playoffs last year). Last year, we had our first ever draft for games; we each get 16 games and give a mutual friend one pair of tickets to total 81 games. We each get a total of 32 tickets for the 16 games and we typically bring girlfriends, friends, or each other. In the inaugural draft, we decided to play HORSE with a small ball in our mutual friend’s living room in St. Catharines. I was lucky enough to draft number one overall in the snake format draft.

This year, we are met together in Guelph on Saturday, April 1, 2017 to draft our games. The five of us go through an intense pre-draft process of creating our draft list from 1-81 in the order of our most desired games to least desired. We don’t ever reveal this lists to each other, and use them as a strategy guide for the draft. We play HORSE in the hotel room to determine the draft order. I got the third overall pick.

Overall, just like last year, I am very happy with my draft picks. I am excited to say I’m going to these games (round, overall pick in draft):

1 (3). July 2 vs. Boston

2 (8). Aug. 12 vs. Pittsburgh

3 (13). May 28 vs. Texas

4 (18). May 10 vs. Cleveland

5 (23) Apr. 19 vs. Boston

And 11 more.

Being huge baseball fans, we absolutely cannot wait for the season to start. There are lots of really good games on the schedule this year. This draft is the kick-start for us, and this is always a fun way for us to get excited for our beloved Blue Jays. Go Jays Go!

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